Here's the List

Dental Hygiene is key to dental health. Without proper maintenance, you risk prematurely damaging your teeth. Our dental hygiene department takes pride in helping our patients keep their teeth healthy and strong throughout their lifetime. Our hygienist, Denise, is an experienced professional that thoroughly handles teeth with a gentle touch. We can tailor a dental maintenance schedule just right for you!

If you’ve neglected your teeth for awhile, you may need more than just a simple cleaning. We offer pain-free Periodontal Therapy to remove bacteria-laden tartar from below your gums in order to extend the life of your teeth.

We use modern Digital Radiography (x-rays) to examine your teeth, gums and jaws.  The advantages include:

1.  Fifty percent less radiation than traditional dental x-rays.
2.  Instant images on a computer screen
3.  The ability to enhance theses images digitally to provide the clearest diagnostic capabilities.

Of course, we’ll fix any of your cavities. In most cases, all you will need is a Filling. We don’t use ugly old-fashioned silver fillings anymore. Instead, we use more durable tooth-colored materials that blend in better with your teeth.

Sometimes a tooth is so degraded or weak that a filling won’t be enough. For these cases we use a Crown, which will both cover and protect your tooth.

If you are missing a tooth, the best way to replace it is often with an Implant. An implant is a titanium tooth root covered with a crown. This way, we replace your missing tooth without touching any of your other teeth. Implants are the most conservative way to permanently replace a tooth.

If an implant is not an option, we can still replace missing teeth with more traditional solutions like Bridges or Dentures.

In cases of tooth pain, we are available for Emergency Service. If the tooth is ultimately able to be saved, we do a Root Canal. Our treatment is absolutely painless and has more than a 99% success rate. Dr. Slobodinsky has 25 years of experience and uses the latest technology to provide the most up-to-date services for your needs.

Alas, if there is nothing we can do to save your tooth, we can only offer Extraction. Again, this is a painless procedure.

Now for some cool stuff.

We can straighten crooked teeth with invisible, removable braces! Invisalign is a high-tech orthodontic system that doesn’t use ugly silver brackets and wires. Instead, we use clear “aligners,” which are invisible while you wear them and gently straighten your teeth. You can remove them to eat, brush and floss.  The results we’ve had with them for five years is nothing short of amazing!

Would you like your teeth to be whiter?  If so, we offer the very best in Tooth Whitening. We can now whiten your teeth dramatically without any sensitivity!

If you are an athlete or weekend warrior, we can fit you with a Custom Mouthguard. These not only offer better protection than the store-bought kind, but also allow you to breathe, speak, spit and drink much easier!

But perhaps our best service is our Patient Customer Service. Our caring, attentive staff will attend to your every need as overseen by our terrific Office Manager, Darlene.

She is in charge of ensuring that all of our patients are treated as Kings and Queens. Whether it’s maximizing your insurance, filing your claims, finding you a convenient appointment time or just listening to your concerns, we commit ourselves to our patients’ satisfaction.